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As a Mackay pest control specialist, owned and operated by a Mackay local, we know the types of pests we have in the tropics differ from those in the Southern Queensland region.  This is why we offer tailored, North Queensland specific pest control solutions for all homes and businesses. We also pride ourselves on our extended services which include possum relocation and cane toad eradication. And, as a point of difference and as an accompaniment to our pest control services, we offer air-conditioning cleaning.  

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General Pest Treatment

General pest treatments are a targeted control mechanism for cockroaches, spiders, ants and silverfish.  This treatment will eradicate existing pest colonies living in your walls and ceilings. It is also an ideal barrier defence against new pests looking to establish a nest in the nice warm cracks and crevasses of your home. 

At Integrity Pest Control Mackay, we like to ensure that you are getting the best value for your pest control dollars. We know that not all homes are going to have the same pest problems and therefore won’t require the same solutions. As standard protocol, we use several methods of treatment to offer the most comprehensive solution possible for our clients. Having these methods allows us to tailor each treatment service to the unique requirements of the property. 

Each of our treatment methods are 100% family and pet friendly. However, we do request that you temporarily vacate the property while the treatments are being laid, so as to prevent possible irritation during the application process.  

Flea and Tick Treatment

Available on its own or in addition to our General Pest Treatment, our formulated flea and tick control is the perfect way to keep your furry family safe from those nasty bloodsuckers.

While fleas and ticks are usually most active during the warmer months, a flea and tick treatment can be applied all year round. Our revolutionary flea and tick formula will soak into the soil of the home and lay dormant until needed. When the inspects hatch, the chemicals will then target them during their growth period when they are the most vulnerable: ensuring the highest impact on the infestation.

Air-Conditioner Cleaning

Air-con cleaning may seem like an odd service for a pest control company but to us, offering this service makes perfect sense. An air-conditioner can be the ideal home for a colony of ants as it has a constant supply of water, and the filters can capture all manner of delicacies for them. The pipework also offers a protective way to get to and from the outside.

It isn’t just ants that you need to keep out of your air conditioner: geckos, spiders and cockroaches also like to invade the units in their search for food or shelter. Each time one of these pests sets up home within a unit, they risk frying the circuitry, or at the very least, reducing the output and increasing your electricity bill.

Our air-conditioner cleaning service uses a high-powered chemical wash that not only removes the nasty build up but also sterilises the unit ensuring that only clean air is being pumped into your home.a

Cane Toad Control

Cane toads are a widespread pest problem in the Mackay region. And, they are a hard one to treat. Luckily for you, Integrity Pest Control Mackay have a readily available, humane treatment option. We are a distributor of HOPSTOP, a pain-free euthanasia option for your cane toad problem.

To learn more about HOPSTOP, please visit our blog.

Possum Catching and Relocation

If you have a problem with unwanted, albeit cute, furry guests in and around your home, you are not alone! Hundreds of homes in the Mackay region have the same problem. The good news is that Integrity Pest Control Mackay has the solution.

Our certified technician will come to your home and lay a humane trap for the possum. Once caught, our technician will relocate the possum in an authorised area, within the possum’s home range.

Rodent control

Rodent infestations can happen in any home or business. And when they set in, they can sometimes be difficult to remove. Rodents can bring forth a plethora of possible health issues including spreading lice, germs and bacteria as well as spawning asthma and allergic reactions. Not to mention the property damage they can cause from their gnawing habits.

The best way to protect your home or business from rodent problems is with baits. At Integrity Pest Control Mackay, we offer BETA brand rat and mouse bait stations. These baiting options are child and pet tempering proof. And, to give you extra peace of mind, if your pet happens to stumble upon the baits in any manner, we can confirm they are not fatal for dogs or cats.

You can learn more about the BETA Bait Stations in our blog.

Wasp Treatment

Stings from wasps can cause severe allergic or anaphylaxis reactions. Because certain breeds of wasps can be quite aggressive, it is not uncommon for families to request that the wasps be moved on.

At Integrity Pest Control Mackay, we offer a specialist wasp treatment that effectively freezes adult wasps within 5 seconds of contact. This neutralizes their defensive responses (so they can’t sting) and then kills all stages in the nest within 30 mins.

Because we are environmentally conscious, we prefer not to interact with or negatively impact bee populations wherever possible. Therefore, we ensure our wasp treatment will not affect any local bee colonies.

General Pest Treatment

(Cockies, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish)
Add a Tick & Flea treatment for only $30!
  • 1 Bedroom House / Unit
  • 2 Bedroom House / Unit
  • 3 Bedroom House / Unit
  • Large Home + Granny Flat/Dual Living

Tick & Flea Treatment

  • 1 Bedroom House / Unit, Yard & Shed
  • 2 Bedroom House / Unit, Yard & Shed
  • 3 Bedroom House / Unit, Yard & Shed
  • Outdoor Areas Only

Rat & Mice

  • Tamper Proof Rodent Station
    $20 (each)

Possum Relocation

  • Set & check traps x 2 + Relocate

Air Con Cleaning / Disinfecting

  • Split System Air Con Unit - $75
    Box Type Air Con Unit - $55

Save $10 per unit when you have 4 + Units!

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